Who came up with this weird blog name?

It is quite probable that you have asked yourself that question, since everyone I've talked to has asked me what the hell that word meant ;) In short: schwuppdiewupp means to do something really fast, as by magic, and kartoffelsupp is the German word for potato soup. But, wait, no, don't click away. I am NOT only making potato soup. Actually I heard the word schwuppdiewuppkartoffelsupp the first time at Christmas last year when I was trying to fix the TV with my stepdad at home in Germany. We were testing it and it probably was the morning of Christmas Day at 9 am, so that children's programmes were full on. We watched Room On The Broom in German. A witch's broom snaps in two and to repair it she and her animal friends collect ingredients for a magic potion. She throws them in her pot and mutters a spell, which I recall to be "schwuppdiewuppkartoffelsupp" in the German version. We sat on the floor laughing really hard and the phrase stuck in my head ever since and then finally made it here.

So apart from watching silly children's programmes on Christmas Day.... my name is Ines and I am from Germany, from a small-ish village near Speyer, which is between Frankfurt and Stuttgart (for those of you who know all the football teams).

Last year, in fall, I moved to the county Hampshire in the UK, where I have been doing my MSc in Finance since. Now I am completing my dissertation and have decided that I am staying here since I just can't stand the thought of leaving my housemates and my friends and the bike recycling centre I volunteer at :) ... plus I just love the sea!

So ... sorry, Mum, for staying here ♡

Oh, okay ... so do you cook as well?

Oh, right, yes ... 'course I do. That's why you're here, I guess.
I have always loved cooking and baking and everywhere I've moved, most of my moving boxes have been filled with kitchen stuff.

A lot of my cooking skills I have learned from my Mum, as I always used to help her in the kitchen when I was living at home. Since then, during the past years, I've started experimenting and reading a lot of cooking blogs and any time I spend on that is my favourite time of the day.

Maybe except for my daily half an hour where I have my special date and cashew hot chocolate - I am addicted to it ;)

I am not a health coach and I haven't been studying any nutrition courses. Everything I know about healthy eating I picked up from my Mum, who has enrolled in some courses of the German GGB, where she heard about a German doctor called Dr. Bruker who was convinced of the concepts of a wholefoods-based diet (see this Wikipedia link, but unfortunately it is only in German). So, anything you ask me about I might know the basic concept of, as I have heard a lot about it since the time when I was about 12 years old, but for details I'd have to enquire with my Mum ;)

Whole Foods

All my recipes are vegetarian with a focus on whole foods. This means that I try to use ingredients that are as little processed as possible.
Most of my recipes are plant-based and, if not vegan, should be easy to turn into vegan recipes.

I do use honey and butter, though and in few cases I might use things like sour cream. These things are easily substituted, though!

I do not use milk, eggs, cheese or any kind of industrially processed sugar or white flour.
Instead of this you will find recipes using honey and whole grains and what you won't find are any tofu- or soy-based substitute products - as I wrote, all ingredients are as natural as possible.

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